November 13-14

The Fall Conference is quickly approaching...

If you are interested in...

  1. wrapping paper
  2. fir trees
  3. thanking your great-aunt for yet another pair of boxers adorned with images of martial-arts trained terrapins
  4. stockings over the fireplace
  5. a sweetened dairy-based beverage made with milk, cream, sugar, beaten eggs (which gives it a frothy texture), and flavoured with ground cinnamon and nutmeg

...You don't need to come to our Fall Conference. You need tomorrow to be December 25th.

If you are interested in:

  • What you can do for God
  • The differences between teens and adults
  • The purpose of your existence
  • The lies of the teen culture
  • How to overcome your spiritual drought
  • Ways you can stand for your faith
  • What it means to follow Christ
  • The plans God has for you

...Christmas can wait.

Grow up...Face your Rubicon. Registration ends soon.