What's the Purpose?


The teen years

From the harsh displeasure of a middle-aged mom "forced" to listen to the "junk" we teens know as
music, to the nursing home resident thinking wistfully of "Better Times", the time an individual spends within the age range of approximately 13-19 (Hence the title: "Teenager"...) holds a special meaning for each of us.

But what IS the purpose of these years?

Each second we have lasts just that long: for a second. Then it disappears, never to be regained. We use our time in many different ways. But how do we use the teen years? Why do we use them that way?

It seems many young
people have their hearts set on partying away this time of their life. They gather in cliques, concern themselves with pleasure and amusements, and worship the so-called "Teen Image". This leads me to believe that those individuals do not consider these years as a time to prepare for adulthood. Rather, they hold this time as a "holiday", a short vacation, a time to enjoy being young. And that's good. We should take joy in our youth.

But, is that the PURPOSE of these years?

I've seen others, those who treat each minute as though it will never come again (which it won't).
They study hard, work hard, live hard, and love hard. Yes, they make hard sacrifices. Yeah, it's probably so much easier to forget about your future, about the value of time.

...And yet, though these young adults give more of themselves than what seems possible, they seem to enjoy life MORE than the others!

You give time to what matters most to you. And in return, you receive the rewards of what you've given. Put time into something, you get something in return.

...What IS the purpose of the teen years?

I believe you need to decide for yourself.

However, heed the Bible's instructions for young adults:

  • "Remember also your Creator in the days of your youth..."

  • "Let no one look down on your youthfulness, but rather in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity, show yourself an example of those who believe."