The Definition of Rubicon

This November, BreaktheChains is holding a Fall Conference at the Eden Resort in Lancaster, PA.

Multiple speakers will be present, including teenage speakers. The purpose of the Conference is to start a Fire in the hearts of those attending. Over the weekend, the speakers will attack apathy and encourage leadership among teens and their generation. Both teens and adults will be challenged to return their life-focus to God, and put their Faith in action.

One of the points to be discussed, "Facing Your Rubicon", deals with taking the first step (which is often the hardest) to returning your attention to God. For teens, this action involves choosing to remain immature in your faith or else determining to "Grow up" and face discouraging fears head-on.

While the historical and modern uses of "Rubicon" will not be discussed in this post (Google "Rubicon River" or "Rubicon Trail"),
our definition of Rubicon is presented below:

"The Rubicon represents the "point-of-no-return" that we all must face. The place where you must choose whether to conquer your fears or turn back forever. The Rubicon is a time to choose between staying "just a teenager" or developing into a Godly Young Adult. A point to rely on others
to feed you moral relativism, or choose to own your Faith, taking action on your decision. Is there such a thing as Absolute Truth? Are there existing standards of Right and Wrong? Is there even a point to living?
Why are you alive? What will you do with the time given you?
Who will you live for?
Yourself, or something, Someone else?

As this post serves as just a "teaser" for what's to come, keep in mind that the idea of the
Rubicon will be delivered in much more detail at the Fall Conference. For more information on the Fall Conference, or for answers to questions of any kind, email BreaktheChains at

In Him,

~Andrew Dawes