"Here I Go"

Relient K has always been one of my favorite bands, combining catchy tunes with clean, fun, and inspirational lyrical devices. On one of their more recent albums, the song "Here I Go (Demo)" makes its appearance and I believe Rebelutionaries and those excited about "Doing Hard Things" for the glory of God can learn from the corresponding lyrics:

Believe me I have tried
To work this out from the inside
Then I finally realized
I just need to move on with my life

Gotta make something happen
Not just sit around and wait for it
This place is like a prison
I think I'm going to make a break for it

Here I go
It's like we're living for the first time
Here I go
And I think that it's the first time I felt alive

In the first verse, he begins by telling of his struggles within-the challenges life presents, the feats we sadly try to fix ourselves ["believe me I have tried"]. For me, one thing that I find myself constantly trying to fix is the never-ending thoughts of worry...focusing on the littlest things and allowing consequential thoughts to control how I live. However, I found myself living selfishly, seeking only to make my life as peaceful and worry-free as possible. After much hardship and many failed attempts, though, I realized that the best way to escape my worry was to simply acknowledge its presence and move on with my life ["Then I finally realized
I just need to move on with my life"].

THIS is where doing hard things comes into play. It's important to "make something happen, not just sit around and wait for it." By this, it is my belief that lead singer
Matt Thiessen hopes to convey the importance of making the most of one's life and living in the moment, instead of wasting time waiting for that perfect accomplishment. The "prison" referenced may be comfort zones for some or even the specific areas of struggle such as worry or fear of failure. We're trapped, locked inside with no key, and it can be easy to just give up and hope it goes away by itself...

But I've got news for you...it most likely won't, it won't go away by itself. We need help, we need a Savior-someone who can "save [us] from danger or destruction" [Merriam Webster Online Dictionary]. Jesus is the answer and we need to learn to go to Him with even the smallest troubles life throws our way. "It's like we're living for the first time"-before we weren't really living, we were just getting by. But now that God sent His Son to provide a means of escape, we can truly live the life we were meant to live: A life full of peace in the midst of strife and confidence in knowing our eternal destiny in Heaven. A life for God, however, can sometimes seem in direct contrast to the saving grace we came to know when we first surrendered our lives, but ultimately it's your best life. Your troubles and personal issues may or may not always be there...however, no matter what, Jesus will always be there. For me, I still feel as if I need peace to move on (when in reality, peace often becomes a replacement for God). But with God as my father, I can go to Him and renew my light and shine brighter than ever before!


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