Follow-up: "Merry Christmas"

As I thought a bit more concerning the recent post, I wanted to add a few personal side notes:

Even though Christmas is most often linked to Christian beliefs, Christmas has always been "Christmas"-regardless of any religious connotations. In fact, I don't think most people would even consider Christmas strictly a religious holiday. True, many more people do attend church on December the 25th, but the overall spirit of Christmas, to a much broader society, seems to be generosity, giving, and cheer. We have always went "Christmas shopping" and many look forward to singing "Christmas carols."

Whether religion plays a role in our Christmas celebrations (however) is, quite frankly, not the issue. The thing that upsets me the most (and maybe it's just one of my own pet-peeves) is the fact that everything has to be politically correct. Every little thing is now required to apply to EVERYONE, in order to appeal to a larger audience. However, no matter what we try to do, there will always be discrepancies; there will always be those people whom will not agree with the rest of the culture.